Playing with pants

renewed jeans


Happy Halloween

PA250025Happy Halloween!  I haven’t carved a pumpkin in a long while, here is my cousin and our jack o’ lantern.  Roasting and eating pumpkin seeds was fun too.  Tastes like popcorn.


Felt Tissue Case


Idea from Martha Stewart, though scalloping the edges with scissors was a bad idea.  Either the scalloped scissors were not sharp enough or I needed stiffer felt.  Oh well, bring on the H1N1 flu.

Getting Ready for Cold Weather

infinity scarf tinted

The fall has started and it’s getting chilly outside.  I made myself an infinity scarf starting with really nice fabric and sewing the ends together.

Team shirts revamped

l_7fbd8c3271f72937f03f5a931da99baa Our team shirts were a little boring so I reworked my friend and mine’s. Yes, my hair was blonde.

Dress Inspired by Gwyneth


Dress was created by designer Mom.

Literal wrap dress


I bought this nice purple fabric and my mom refused to make me a dress because she didn’t like the fabric.  Grrrrr!  So I wrapped the fabric around myself, twisted the front free end to add detail and held it all together with a belt.  Works doesn’t it?

Ruffle skirt update


I found the skirt I made on Urban Outffitter for $48!  Mine cost $15 for the shirt and elastic.

S&M/Barvarian Suspenders/Harness


I cleaned up the frayed edged of the ribbon by holding it over a candle until the ends melted a little.  And I get to be a pyro.

No-Sew Dress