Chocolate cake craving

So I made myself one! Yum. An awesome dessert for a mediocre dinner of leftovers.

Meanwhile I made this bracelet with electric blue color, my fav color this summer. Reminds me swimming at Lake Tahoe, which I still need to do before the summer is over. Time for a picnic on the beach??

My Beginning of summer

After months of internships and gaining experience, I finally get to enjoy my last summer vacation. I’m exhausted and all I want to do is chill out at home and be by myself.  I finally get to work on my piling projects.

I did a lot of shopping in the past month.  The recent fad in arm candy looks pretty much like friendship bracelets with a modern take.  I thought about buying some at H&M, but what fun would that be? This hex nut bracelet is too cool. Braiding is easy but braiding with hex nuts intertwined was not so graceful.  It required both hands and some toes to keep the hex nuts in place.

I’m going to avoid my family a little bit because every time I’m around them, they want me to do crap for them.  I love my family but I need my summer.

Secret Messages

Made my own Morse code necklaces the other day. “Swell” and “Breath”

It’s friggin 91 in NYC but still low 60’s here

Simple summer dress I made from fabric lying around.  It’s a heavy knit with decorative white stitching.  I brought it along on my Orlando trip.  These are terrible pics, but the only ones that kinda show my dress.


Lace and Bows

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it

Now all I need is a place to wear it to.

Made from lace and old patterns found in my mom’s room.

I used patterns for a corset top and basic skirt (which I added ruffles to and created double layers), held together with a zipper.  Added black bow is puuurrfect.  The great part about black lace is it hides all the bad stitching!

Asymmetrical Dress

Easy easy dress. It took me less than three hours to make.  It was all a matter of measuring and sewing, measuring and sewing.  First I measured from my underarm to shoulder.  Next I measured where I wanted to end the sleeve.  Then I measured the hem of the dress.  I added some angles and double checked each step.

It came out as this cool geometric shape.  No pattern needed.

Reworked Saver’s Button Up Shirt for $5

I’m with the Marching Band

This is the first piece of clothing I’ve ever made.  It could have turned out better, but learn as you go.

I took an old black vest I bought for $1 and cut along the seam lines.  The cut pieces were used to trace new patterns on my fabric.  There was a little trouble sewing the pieces together, something just to figure out.  I hand-sewed the navy roping, constantly measuring and realigning to get it right.  Final touch were added buttons.  I should have lined the inside too, but I’m too lazy.

Introducing Princess Sushi!

I’ve been trapped in the house for 2 days taking care of my lil cousins.  Board games, video games, popsicles…anything to keep them and me from freaking out of boredom!  I’m praying my parents get home soon.  This is Princess Sushi my cuz and I made.  She picked the name I swear.  The dress just became a cute kimono on itself.

My new love is carrot cropped pants


These pants were originally F21 wide leg trousers.  Wasn’t looking for wide leg so I had my mom fix them up for me, yay!