As a young kid, I frequently went shopping with my mom.  Picking out my school supplies was always fun, even today. When the new school year rolled around, my mom had all the coupons, rebates and ads for the cheapest supplies. I remember being in disbelief that my mom would take all that time to mail in rebates to get $5 back.

I would pick out the pretty stuff without knowing much about prices and what was expensive.

My mom would respond to me, “Not that one, it’s not on sale.”

I got angry at her. What do you mean?! Everything’s on sale. That’s why it’s in a store! Then I realized everything was FOR sale, but not ON sale. One of the many memories of how cheap/thrifty my mom was/is. But she has a lot of nice things now because of it. I should take note from her. I’m buying and spending when I have no money. Sigh.

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